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This collateral describes how you can use makeSEA and Catapult for spatial computing and collaboration for most any discipline.

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marketing home page


Trainging & Explaining PDF Download (ML branded)
for training, exhibition, sales, demonstration


Audit & Inspection PDF Download
next-generation audit & inspection workflow, remote hands support


Catapult+makeSEA YouTube Channel
A range of videos spanning many use cases ranging from simple to sophisticated


Magic Leap Inside Sales Portal
Additonal sales resources supporting Magic Leap + makeSEA sales


Download Catapult for Magic Leap 2
Get the latest version of Catapult for makeSEA here


See also for additional examples and demo materials:


Radio spot dialogue script:

Hi, I’m Chris with makeSEA. You may have heard that there is a new class of Augmented Reality technology that has become available for more than just gaming. It can be used to enhance the real world with instructional content, show products and equipment at any scale or take an audience on a journey to another location —as if you are there, first hand!  The first time I tried AR it it brough tears to my eyes!  But i learned quickly that you had to be a movie or gaming studio to do anything useful with it. Until now:  at makeSEA, we’ve built a content management and collaboration platform that makes it easy for you to create mixed and immersive AR experiences and share them with others - as easily as producing social media content.  makeSEA takes the impossible out of producing AR to make it an everyday tool, for training, selling, and supporting your operations in a way that is truly powerful and disruptive!  To learn more about how you can apply Augmented Really to your business in a way that lest you explore how it applies, inexpensively, visit that’s


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