How to Use Catapult

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The fastest way to publish user-generated content and collaborate using mixed reality.

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This project contains sample spatial content and video that can be experienced using a compatible XR headset.  Look for the project called "How to Use Catapult" under the Public Projects selection list in the Catapult Scene Selection menu to interact with this content.


It's time to change the way you think about communicating, teaching, and design.

Time to change the way you capture and curate evolving ideas.

Use makeSEA + Catapult and Magic Leap spatial collaboration to share your vision and inspire your audience with content that you create.

Catapult your vision, in real-time, together.


It's as easy as a social media post:

  1. Create an account, start a project and upload your content from most any content source*.

  2. Launch Catapult on your Magic Leap compatible device.

  3. Share and collaborate using your own spatial content, with others together in real-time, in the same physical space and remotely.


See the full instructions and video here

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