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Congratulations on publishing your project!  Don't forge to set the permissions if you want to use it in AR or VR or share with others.  

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You can include images, videos, and other important details.

GLB Assets are your friends!  While you can publish other file formats to Catapult for display in XR including OBJ, FBX, STL, GLB (single file GLTF) assets will usually work best.  This is because they are typically optimized for AR/VR with minimal visual compromise, and they can be hot-loaded into your project and device using Catapult.  

You can save to GLB format direclty from most 3D design and creative platforms direclty (some source apps may require a plugin for file export).  Do you have a spceific creative workflow in mind?  For more information on specific source formats please contact

You can also use videos in XR, in .mp4 format.  Including 360 surround and flat-screen videos as well as live streams.  We recommend 1080p, although, you may get up to 4K video to play on some devices.  For surround video we recommend 1.5K video (3072x1536).  Bitrate matters:  4-8Mbps is usually good; higher rates may cause poor frame rates on some devices.  To point to external video sources and indexed livestreams use the Remote Assets to define a source.

Catapult also supports images in .jpg and .png format, PDF files, Word and Excel docs for display in XR.

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