Project Summary

makeSEA is doing our part to help test and supply 3D printed PPE to local healthcare providers to determine what helps, and how.

This project contains Magic Leap compatible content viewable with the Helio browser.

Project Details

We all want to help.  At makeSEA headquarters we happen to have 3D printers available to help test new prototypes for PPE like masks.


Today, we are printing a prototype mask (release as of 4.8.20) from the Copper3D's Hack the Pandemic project (using test materials).  The Ultimaker is testing tPLA and the Makerbot is using ABS.

This design is shared using the Creative Commons License: “Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)” We recommend you go to the source site at the link above.


Some of our favorite working projects include:

MatterHackers COVID-19 response project

NIH 3D Printed Mask

Copper3D's Hack the Pandemic project

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