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This is a test.   This is only a test.  Do not attempt to adjust your set.

This project contains Magic Leap compatible content viewable with the Helio browser.

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see also:  the Magic Leap Project

Please note this demo can take up to 45 sec to load on a fast internet connection due to mesh complexity.

The v.2 version was imported to Unity at 10Kx and scaled to 1x for export and 100x @ display (asset needs to be scaled back to .001 to view in Unity.)--v.2 based.  If extracted scale set to 1x, it is very small IRL

v.3 works fairly well (same as v.2 IRL), and has the added benefit of being viewable in Unity; import @ Use File Scale (.3048, was 10Kx --!! not clear if this matters should test; also checked in version may have been produced before this was switched (!?); if new export is wrong size this explains it), scaled to .001 in Unity for export then export scale in ML set to 100x.

?? Use File Scale flag appears to matter for this project, but it does not appear to be a factor for CA Modern House? Weird.
hypothesis:  it matters, but not at same magnitude and is more evident with large-scale project or camera position only?

Test Next:  if import script is bumped to 100Kx can export scale be reduced to 10x and does that help Lumin 0.94 compat issue or performance?  What impact is with/without Use File Scale switch at import before and after test (test addtl. 3 of 4)?
Expected?  Dunno - in theory this may work and/but switch appears to matter for this project
Compare results to CA Modern House

begin plumb  sw



Navisworks -> Hide Unused -> Export as FBX (no cameras, embedd) -> Unity (see notes re scale) -> Turn off unused objects -> Export as GTLF -> 

$ gltf-pipeline -i AssetMergeTestScene.gltf -b 

-d --draco.unifiedQuantization  don't work right now :(

Then check result with:



To fix FBX scale import issue in Unity (see: )


Add this script to Unity/Editor/FBXImportScaler:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

class MeshPostprocessor : AssetPostprocessor

    void OnPreprocessModel()
        (assetImporter as ModelImporter).globalScale = 10000;

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