CA Modern House

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This is a demo of a modern California style house designed to be viewed at full scale.  Definitely a work in progress.

This project contains Magic Leap compatible content viewable with the Helio browser.

Project Details

begin skinned house model  



can use inline:  color="rgba(0, 255, 246, .9)" , color="rgba(0, 256, 256, 1)" , etc.


!! FBX straight from CAD may work but currently is being typed as txt; needs to be fixed in portal libs


For STL print:

fbx -> fusion360 -> mesh mode -> modify/cleanup -> merge bodies  -> stl (os oversided, but slicer downscales OK)


For ML:

 . . . merge bodies -> downscale by .5 -> OBJ -> Unity (script import @10000, display @.0001 -> no material adjust necessary but optional -> glTF -> glb -> extraction scale = 40

OR try:

(no merge) -> scale?? ->> FBX -> post

Question:  what happens if in at file scale (=1 in script) then out? A (hypothetical, based on tests; actual may vary by other factors):  file then needs bigger scaling past 40x on front end no-bueno - see tests below
Notes:  if exported at 100% object does not render on ML at all; .5 then scaled up appears to be best result; extraction scale of 40 is max:  anything larger rubber-bands back to 75% of placed object, instantly (also occurs if object is scaled +/- from any large source).
OBJ (or FBX?) import at 100000x might reduce extraction scale dependency by 10x but OBJ did not look right after scaling in asset lib (lost mesh?) and placed black

FBX might work but either has material or lighting issue (looks black)

!! Use File Scale flag appears to be no factor at least when using import script - it always overrides for this project, however it does appear to matter for MC Test project -weird.

Test next:  try import with script @ 100000 with/without Use File Scale and reduce display Extract Scale by 10x (to 4)
Expected:  may work??  in thoery switch does not matter to this project so much(?)  What impact is with/without Use File Scale switch at import before and after test (test addtl. 3 of 4)?
Compare results to MC Test

older attempt but still relevant:
orig dwg does not import well into Fusion; instead:  use ODA File Converter -> 2000DWG -> Sketchup -> FBX @ 1x (OBJ does work) -> Unity? -> <trim/dress> -> glTF -> glb


see cstavros Fusion360 (native) for preened design

see cstavros 3dpos for print-ready assets

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