Spatula Collection Version A with Teeth

Project Summary

It’s the same design as “Spatula A“ but the blade is toothed. Useful for distributing even amounts of all kind of gels on a surface. In the model the tooth size depends on the tooth distance.

Project Details

A spatula with a very basic rectangular shape. The blade front is slanted with 45°. The handle is a small extension on one edge of the blade, making the spatula more “handy”, and in particular makes the blade rigid along one dimension. Thickness can be very thin in order to make the spatula more flexible. It’s recommended to adjust the slicing diameter according the the blade thickness - it should print at minimum 4 layers. An even number of layers is also preferable, because the blade flexibility and robustness is more even. Flexibility also depends on the selected material. Tested with PETG and PLA.

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