Snap - Fit Cantilever Version A

Project Summary

This Snap Fit is permanently locking - basically it can’t be dismounted. By designing a small hole at the location of the hook, the hook could be bent back by pushing a small pin through the hole (an option to make it unmountable).

Project Details

There is another design named “Snap Fit Cantilever B”, where the hook has a less sharp angle, which can be disassembled. The f3d-File has a parameter for the hook angle - the design is the same for both types of Snap Fit.

While the shape of this Snap Fit is quite simple, the disadvantage is the relative long length for the hole: in order to make the beams flexible enough, the length should be at minimum 8 times larger than the hook width. It also depends on the material. For printing it’s recommended to use the layering as in the images above (due to the reduced robustness along z).

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